Welcome to Magic Highway, we offer the surfer a choice of Manual or Auto or both.  Each exchange is independent of each other and you must sign up for a account in either or both exchanges.

In our auto, we know that our members are watching as they search for 20 treasures a day to increase the surfing ratio.  Surfing ratio for free members start out at .50 and finding all treasures increases the ratio to 1.50 per page earned.

In manual, the members start out at .50 and increase earning ratio to 1.50 per click  just by finding the treasures that are scattered in the surf.

We are over 9 years old and we plan on continuing for many years to come.  We have a dedicated owner/admin that is 24/7 to help anyway we can.  Upgrades are available and start at a low 5 dollars a month.

What is an Auto Surf?

Autosurf Traffic Exchanges are similar to the Manual Traffic Exchanges with the exception that pages are displayed automatically every few seconds, without the need to click continue for the next site.

This will mostly fall between the ranges of 5 seconds to 30 seconds depending on the administrator of the exchange. Some administrators believe that a shorter time is best and some believe that a longer time is better. Others believe that it really  makes little difference as nobody watches anyway.

Some Autosurf Traffc Exchanges, such as the MagicHighway Autosurf, offer an incentive to watch as you surf by rewarding members who genuinely demonstrate that they are watching.

A common way of doing this is to issue "Ticket" pages in rotation and each time a member "claims" a ticket they are rewarded with bonus credits or an increase in their earning ratio.

What is Manual Surf?

Offline when you meet someone you can swap business cards. Manual/Auto traffic exchanges work much the same way. You view websites, and in return other members will view your website.

You don't have to spend time looking around for people interested in swapping links. You don't have to make sure the person actually viewed your site.
We do it for you. And we've got thousands of members ready and willing to visit your site. Won't you let them?

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